• Bhorta Platter – with Veggie

    Any 4 Bhortas of the day, with Daal, Shada Bhaat(White Rice) and Begun Bhaji(Fried Eggplant)

  • Curry Based Chicken with Pulao

    Prepared in a karahi (a type of wok) where the tender dark meat chicken is slow cooked & mixed in Bangladeshi & North Indian spices, garam masala, cumin, green chilis, garlic, tomatoes and coriander, garam masala then garnished with ginger. Comes with pulao

  • Quarter Tandoori Chicken with Naan or Pulao

    Getting its name from the bell-shaped clay oven, it is a dish of roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and generously spiced, giving the meat its trademark red colour.


    Chicken Biryani

    Delicious savory rice dish which includes 2 pieces of chicken marinated with fresh herbs, caramelized onions, whole garam masalas and flavorful saffron rice.